Autumn is approaching, so time to rug up!

There are many ways to redefine a space and a great way to start is by looking from the floor upwards and rugs can be a fantastic and affordable option.  Thought to have first been created by the Egyptians as far back as 3000 BC, rugs can have many uses in the home. Traditionally made to keep draughty rooms and spaces warm, they can also be used to add texture and colour to a neutral décor, to display as art on walls or simply to help protect a fitted carpet from heavy footfall and muddy boots. 

In this blog I will talk about the various styles of rugs and how they can be used to showcase your room at its best.


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Perhaps the most widely known and distinctive, Persian rugs were traditionally pile-woven by hand in Iran using the finest wool, cotton and silk and are characterised by their elaborate colours and traditional patterns.  Exported around the world, these symbolic rugs have found their way into many prominent and historical homes.  They add depth to a room when added as a central piece under a coffee table and instantly warm a flag stone or tiled floor. Enhance a large Persian rug by adding warming autumnal accents in cushions, dried flowers and throws.  This will instantly update a room to suit the upcoming seasonal change.  Be bold with adding a splash of colour and using contrasting textures. Yarn Home source one-of-a-kind vintage rugs and offer various Persian and Tribal styles.


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    Similar in look to the Persian, Kilim (also known as Kelim) rugs are recognisable as a flat woven tapestry carpet with no pile and often display intricate geometric patterns.  I have recently received a small number of stunning vintage Kilim rugs which are available to purchase. Each rug is unique and a work of art that will add colour, texture and style to any room. The soft colour palette will allow you to blend these rugs into a more neutral décor. Take a look at what is currently available @carolineborgmaninteriors and contact me for further information should you wish to purchase any (see contact page here). Ian Snow is a stockist of Kilim rugs, like this colourful Azami Multi Coloured cotton Kilim rug with copper lurex.

    Moroccan Berber

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    Seeing a resurgence over the last few years (who hasn’t spotted the infamous black and cream diamond motif rugs in most stylish instagrammable homes? La Redoute have even created an instagram account for their version of this popular rug). Berber rugs have a deep shaggy pile with a more simplistic pattern.  A thicker pile makes this the ideal rug to add warmth and texture to bedrooms or reception rooms. Brighter colourways are making more of an appearance, like these stunning one of a kind vintage Moroccan rugs from annacoxcushions and Sunday and Story

    Emily's House London stock the most amazing selection of hand-crafted Beni Ourain rugs which are traditionally made by tribes in the Atlas Mountains, keeping the pile long and the weave loosely knotted as the rugs were used as bedding to keep body temperatures up in the winter months. 

    Don’t shy away from this style if you are looking to create a calm and airy atmosphere in your home. Moroccan rugs are so versatile and do not look out of place in the most minimalist of Scandinavian homes, especially the cream and black variety.  Paired with natural linens, rustic furniture and neutral accessories, a berber rug will add depth and texture to your surroundings. 

    Animal skin

    Cow hide in your home, styling cow hide, styling rugs in your home, home styling

    Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, animal skins such as cowhide, reindeer hide and sheepskin can elevate the style of any type of home, from the slickest of bachelor pads to the cosiest of country cottages.  A large cow hide can break up the starkness of a bare floor in a large room as you will see in this 16th century home.  A sheepskin rug is an instant bedroom warmer if placed by the bedside, draped over a chair or used as a cushion on a rocking chair to create the ultimate cosy corner.  Cox & Cox stock a wide range of sheepskin rugs to suit any budget and this Tibetan sheepskin rug is one of my favourite.

    Styling a rug in your home

    how to style a rug in your home, rug styling, rugs, rugs in your home, home styling

    Depending on its purpose, aim to purchase a rug that is larger than the furniture that will be placed over it. Try not to lay a rug on its own, unless it is to cover a large expanse of open floor space (see previous photo for a good example of how this can work). 

    For dining areas, pick a rug that covers the full size of the table plus allows for chair movement as this will prevent scuffing floorboards or tiles.  In the lounge, you can afford to place a larger rug under multiple items of furniture. Partially or fully place your sofa and coffee table over the rug and you will now have a defined space with a point of interest. 

    Finally, always purchase a good quality anti-slip mat to keep your rugs nice and flat and prevent any unnecessary slipping.  I normally pick mine up from a local carpet store, but you can also find them in most stores that stock rugs.

    Take a look at my Instagram account @carolineborgmaninteriors for further inspiration on how to style rugs and transform your home and feel free to tag me if you have been inspired and have created a natural centrepiece with your own rugs. Or even if you have repurposed an old rug that has now transformed a room, I would love to see how you have styled it. If there are any areas in the home that you would like me to focus on for my next blog then please DM me on instagram and I will see what I can do. 

    Thanks for reading!

    Caroline x