The Design Process -Ideas and Inspiration

Phase One

Initial Meeting and Briefing

The first stage of the process is a no obligation meeting in the comfort of your home where I take a detailed brief of your requirements. At this stage all aspects such as current room dimensions, function, furniture, colour, lighting and surrounding aesthetics are observed and recorded. I will also discuss your design goals and functional requirements and gain an indicative implementation budget in order to ensure all design ideas generated are aligned. Alternatively, I can work from photos and information supplied via email.

Following our meeting I will then send a fee proposal for next stage.

Phase Two

Concepts Boards

Once fees are agreed, I then create concept boards in the form of Ideas and Inspiration schemes for the property or room in question. These concepts capture the overall look and style for your home whilst considering the materials and history of your property. These can include a mixture of images, sketches and samples showing colour, texture, pattern and finishes for wall coverings, flooring, lighting, soft furnishings, interior joinery, artwork and d├ęcor.


These concepts are presented to you and once you are happy with the overall look, we then either develop this into more detailed interior designs (Stage 3) or you have the tools to source and implement everything yourself

Phase Three

Design and Development

This stage involves developing the interior design concepts into more detail according to your requirements and may include: more detailed sample boards with fabrics, furnishings, paint and flooring finishes, scale drawings of furniture layouts, lighting plans, detailed drawings of bespoke furniture and joinery and  detailed costings of everything required

Phase Four

Project Implementation & Managing

Once the design and budget has been signed off, I will organise specifications for any necessary soft furnishings, upholstery and joinery, and can assist in selecting the relevant tradespeople from decorators, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, carpet fitters and cabinetmakers using my extensive network of specialist tradespeople. Should you choose to go with my suppliers I can project manage the job and regularly attend site visits to check progress.

I can also source furniture and decorative objects and co-ordinate deliveries to ensure everything is installed on time as well as assist with the final dressing.